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At BNP Paribas Portugal we are a people oriented company, constantly thriving to support our employees in building and developing their careers so we can all, as a whole, build the Bank of tomorrow.

By joining us, our future employees will have access to an extensive range of opportunities and experiences throughout their careers, giving them the power to be on the driving seat of their professional path.

If you are flipping through our Join Us pages, we know you are not here by chance. Whether you´re a student, a recent graduate or an experienced professional looking for your next challenge… you likely have an objective in mind: finding out more about BNP Paribas Portugal. And we’re going to help you on that!

53% Female

47% Male

6500 Number of employees

34 Average age

Our key principles

Why BNP Paribas?

We are a solid and responsible global leader

  • Local Focus with Global Impact shows that not only are we contributing to our local footprint, with the development of our platform in Portugal, as we are also actively adding value to the transformational journey of BNP Paribas worldwide.
  • Aiming at Driving Change and shaping the workplace of tomorrow with the implementation of new ways of working and moving towards flexible networks.
  • Strongly committed to an Ethical & Conduct Conscious attitude towards the way we do business and treat our employees, whilst keeping Engaged with Sustainability within society.

Commited to people’s development

  • For us, people development is a long-term commitment and a key driver of our organisational growth. Our strong focus on horizontal and vertical mobility enables our employees to have Diverse Career Opportunities, while the variety of our activities allows them for Cross-expertise Journeys within the Group.
  • We are proud of continuously investing in developing the skills and expertise of our employees through tailored-made personal development plans, soft skills trainings, management programmes, business & finance trainings, and our Talent Programme, designed to support our employees to succeed and excel in a fast-paced environment.

In a positive and opened environment

  • Within a dynamic and positive workplace culture, we strive to offer a Collaborative & Inclusive Atmosphere whilst nurturing a Well-being Culture with a people-centred approach.
  • Positive managers committed to Empowering People, providing feedback, boosting a meritocracy culture and promoting equal opportunities.
  • We regard Fairness and Trust as core values of our leadership model to foster a sense of credibility and confidence throughout all levels of the organisation.

Recruitment and Hiring

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What to expect from an interview with us?

If you have an interview scheduled with us, start preparing yourself by gathering the following information:

  • Biographical: What have you done so far? Academic and Professional background.
  • Motivational: What drives you? Align your expectations and goals to what we have to offer.
  • Competency-based: What have you experienced? Assess past experiences that are relevant for the role.

Prepare yourself

  • Define your goals.
  • Study the company.
  • Provide quality information (about you, your professional and academic path, enriching experiences, etc).
  • Know that there is no formula: we want to know YOU.

What to expect once you are hired?

We all know first days might be stressful so we want to give you some tips on what happens during these onboarding days