Making financial services accessible to everyone

Created in 2014 as a small start-up, Nickel has already grown into a relevant player in the European financial landscape.

A subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group since 2017, and following a strong performance in France with a 93% satisfaction rate in a universe of almost 3 million customers, Nickel has been expanding to other European countries such as Spain (2021), Belgium and Portugal (2022), and soon Germany.

Open to over 190 nationalities, Nickel offers a local payment account and IBAN available to everyone, regardless of their income. For a fixed annual maintenance fee of 20€ (plus stamp duty), it is possible to open a Nickel account at a local commerce shop swiftly and with no hassle, with consumers leaving the store with an account and a Mastercard™ debit card ready to be used. With no minimum deposit required or overdrafts, Nickel gives its customers full control of their money.

Nickel aims to innovate and transform the relationship between customers and financial services through its four key values of Universality, Benevolence, Simplicity, and Usefulness, which are present in its offer and operating business model. Nickel is a truly diverse and inclusive business that complements BNP Paribas’ mission as “The Bank for a Changing World”.

Nickel offers its customers total transparency and control over their money by providing them with the essential services they need in their day-to-day lives, whenever they need them, and charging for only those they use. Its products range from a day-to-day account for the essential operations to a Premium offer aimed at those who want to benefit from multiple advantages abroad, all the while being protected by comprehensive and useful insurance.

Presence in Portugal

Available in Portugal since September 2022, Nickel has a strong national presence through a wide network of local neighbourhood shops, which perform as Nickel Agents. Our objective is to reach 2,500 points of sale and 450,000 clients in 5 years.