Making banking accessible to everyone

Created in 2014, starting as a small start-up, NiCKEL has already grown into a relevant company in the business being now open to more than 190 nationalities. A subsidiary of BNP Paribas since 2017 and with a strong presence in France (with more than 2 million customers and with a 93% satisfaction rate), was launched in Spain in the beginning of 2021, Portugal and Belgium planned for the first quarter of 2022 with other European markets on the pipeline.

NiCKEL it’s a payment account for everyone, available regardless of income. For only 20€ per year it is possible to open an account in 5 minutes in a neighborhood store  (“loja de rua”), which directly and immediately provides a payment account with a Mastercard card and a local IBAN. Without minimum requirements and overdrafts, NiCKEL gives customers full control of their money.

NiCKEL innovates and transforms the relationship with financial services, through its key values of Universality, Benevolence, Simplicity and Usefulness, which are present in the offers and in the operating model of the business. A truly diverse and inclusive business that complements BNP Paribas “The Bank for a changing world”  mission.

Presence in Portugal

NiCKEL will be available in Portugal in the first quarter of 2022. Our product is aligned with the consumer’s expectations, a very simple proposition that allows consumers to perform daily basic operations with total transparency and control of their money, at a fair price and in a nearby daily store. With a range of products from a classic account to more premium offers for those consumers that like to travel abroad safely (insured) and with their card transactions costs at a minimum level.  Our objective is to have 2,500 points of Sale and 450,000 clients in 5 years.