Local Businesses

Global presence, local people

Combining the strength of an international presence and local know-how

The BNP Paribas Group ensures that its clients benefit from the advantages presented by a genuinely global structure all by understanding and adapting to the local specificities of every country in which it is established.

In Portugal, BNP Paribas is present with multiple entities and competency centres, providing diversified high-value services towards large companies, multinationals, financial institutions and institutional investors.

Forging a close, strategic, and long-term relationship with clients

In a bid to adapt to a changing environment, the BNP Paribas Group is continuously working on redesigning and creating innovative products and services to meet the new requirements of organisations and institutions. It also concentrates on reducing the risks and rationalising its structure.

BNP Paribas’ strategy is based on the development of integrated solutions as well as the optimisation of its productivity. The Group relies on its business model centered on the client and on its strong market positioning, especially in Europe.

Accompanying clients’ development in Europe

The “One Bank for Corporates in Europe” initiative is a unique approach to banking services. Relying on one single point of contact, BNP Paribas offers corporate and institutional clients its entire range of services and know-how. It aims at helping them grow their business in Europe, regardless of the size and location of the companies.