Diversity & Inclusion

Committed to create a diverse and inclusive workplace

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity makes it better, Inclusion makes it real

That is our motto and the driving force to join the change and foster an inclusive culture. Our ambition is to cultivate an open and responsive environment for all that encourages collaboration and interaction. We demonstrate our commitment by actively contributing to the Group’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy and goals, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

As part of our local Corporate and Social Responsibility – Diversity & Inclusion strategy, BNP Paribas Portugal is committed to:

  • Promote a fair and unbiased recruitment process and offer professional development opportunities to all employees;
  • Celebrate diversity and advocate for inclusion, both externally and internally, encouraging employees participation, creating space for different voices to be heard.

To foster the effort of BNP Paribas Portugal, multiple initiatives and events take place throughout the year where our people can find out more on the importance of diversity inclusion at the workplace and on society.

Join the change to foster an inclusive culture

Throughout the professional development, we assure that every employee feels welcome, safe and respected, and guaranty equal opportunities for all. In order to take these goals into place BNP Paribas promotes the creation and encouragement of employees’ networks. These contribute to a fairer and more inclusive world.