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Tennis, a Sport of Individual Motivation

In line with the BNP Paribas Group CSR policy and long lasting relationship with tennis, BNP Paribas Portugal started a partnership with Academia dos Champs in 2012.

Academia dos Champs is a local project with two years of experience which brings together over 50 young boys and girls to play tennis twice a week since 2012.

By giving children and young adults access to the regular practice of sport, the Academy develops tools which help them develop a sense of direction and purpose in life. It also provides them with the means to pursue their professional ambitions and dreams, which with both talent and sacrifice can become a reality.

This is certainly a way to create tangible chances for overcoming personal and social limitations, opening up paths by which each child and adolescent can find better, healthier, more challenging, and more importantly, a happier life.

In 2013, Academia dos Champs is taking tennis to three different centers in Portugal (Trajouce, Outurela/Portela e Aldeias SOS de Bicesse) allowing 100 youngsters to have access to tennis.


Annual Tennis Tournament

Sponsored by the Academia dos Champs, BNP Paribas Portugal supported the Annual Tennis Tournament, in July 2013 which took place in the field of Outurela in Oeiras. Over 50 young people from unprivileged families participated in the event.


BNP Paribas, a lasting partnership with tennis

Since 1973, the relationship between BNP Paribas and tennis has grown increasingly strong. The BNP Paribas Group is now the leading partner of the sport worldwide, sponsoring about 550 tournaments a year, both professional and amateur. The Group also finances educational and social events linked to tennis, thus combining a passion for the game with social commitment.

The support BNP Paribas lends to big international competitions enables it to convey its brand image and thus to enhance its reputation and global exposure. It is also a way of deepening its personal relationships with customers and of meeting prospects the world over.