Five students from Peru, Portugal and French Guiana will be the first to receive the support from the new scholarship program “BNP Paribas Portugal – NOVA SBE Scholarship to CEMS Students”.

Lisbon, 11 March 2021BNP Paribas Portugal and Nova SBE have initiated a program of scholarships granting, under the name “BNP Paribas Portugal – NOVA SBE Scholarship to CEMS Students”. The first edition distinguishes five students – 2 Peruvian, 2 Portuguese and 1 form French Guiana – attending the international management master’s program CEMS at Nova SBE.  Awarded in January, the scholarship will cover part of the tuitions of the second year program of the CEMS Master’s program.

 The Master in International Management CEMS is the 8th best Master in Management in the world, according to The Economist’s rating. CEMS is the global alliance of top-tier 34 business schools, 70 multinational companies and NGOs, whom together offer the Master in International CEMS MIM. The Programme CEMS MIM prepares students from 5 continents to work in global organizations and to contribute in relevant and responsible way in companies and in society. Nova SBE is the only education institution member of the CEMS alliance.

The scholarship program is targeted to graduated students from all over the world, enrolled at the first year  of the international Master’s program CEMS, which, in Portugal, is exclusively taught at Nova SBE. The selection is based in a range of criteria based on academic achievement and clear financial constraints to pursue their CEMS program conclusion. The decision of students’ selection is a responsibility of the Admissions Committee based on the applications received.

Nova SBE and the Master in International Management CEMS are undeniable referencse both in Portugal and abroad. We know closely the quality of its education and how well-prepared students are, being able to actively contribute to the development of the organisations where they work. Thus, we wanted to expand our partnership, which already counts with different common initiatives, such as training for senior managers or the presence of speakers from BNP Paribas and Nova SBE in events from both parts”, explains Fabrice Segui, CEO of BNP Paribas Portugal. “Therefore, on the genesis of the scholarship program “BNP Paribas Portugal – NOVA SBE Scholarship to CEMS Students” is the support given to the graduate generation of the future, allowing the continuity on an excellency based program targeting students with great ambition to become responsible leaders, in total alignment with the corporate mission and values of BNP Paribas”, concludes.

“It is an honour for us having established this partnership with BNP Paribas, with which we have a solid and fruitful relationship. This program is aligned with our academic principles and, most importantly, with our values of diversity and inclusion present in both our University and BNP Paribas. It is an innovative program for its strong multicultural component and social consciousness, attributes clearly demonstrated by the diverse nationalities of the selected students”, highlights Catherine da Silveira, CEMS Academic Director.

 About BNP Paribas Portugal

Present in Portugal since 1985, BNP Paribas has about 6,000 employees, in the various Group entities established in our country, providing the full range of solutions for customers, in the exercise of their activities. It is also present in Portugal through competence centers that provide added value services to various countries where the BNP Paribas Group is present.

BNP Paribas in Portugal renews the environmental certification ISO 14001:2015, obtained in 2017, which now covers four buildings and seven entities of the Group in Portugal.

Lisbon, 03 March 2021 – In a clear demonstration of its commitment in reducing the carbon footprint also in our country, since globally BNP Paribas is Carbon Neutral since 2017, BNP Paribas in Portugal has received the renovation of its environmental certification ISO 14001:2015, firstly obtained in 2017. It includes now a total of four buildings where business activity is developed, covering seven entities of the Group.

This certification, assigned by APCER, encompasses all activities, services and products of BNP Paribas, Securities Services, Personal Finance (operating under the brand Cetelem), Cardif, Leasing Solutions, Factor and ITP, at the buildings ART’S, Gago Coutinho #26 and Torre Ocidente – Colombo, in Lisbon, and URBO, in Matosinhos.

“The certification is the result of a strong strategic planning on the business areas involved, which implied the study of the environmental impact under a perspective of the financial products life-cycle and the identification of risks and opportunities which the environmental changes represent to their businesses”, highlights Patricia Freixo, Environmental Manager at Group BNP Paribas Portugal.

In this regard, the implementation of the Environmental Management System of BNP Paribas Securities Services, the first Entity of the Group certified in Portugal, was, at the time, an important step on the way the organization manages the environmental impacts directly caused by the usage of buildings, whose impacts have been decreasing since then. On the first three years, from 2017 and 2019, it was possible to accomplish the following results:

  • -15% in consumption of electric energy by employee;
  • -66% in consumption of print paper by employee;
  • -37% in consumption of water by employee;

In a pandemic context, sustainability remains a priority

Given the current pandemic context, although there is still a significant reduction in the consumption of resources and in the production of waste and CO2 emissions, BNP Paribas is aware that this is a temporary measure not losing by so, the focus on the maintenance of the good results.

During 2020, the organisation continued to monitor the environmental development and to look for solutions to assure the continuity of the improvements and ensure that these will remain when “normal life” returns. In addition, and considering the specific situation we are living in, it has been searching for better solutions to take care of the impacts of the pandemic in the facilities management, having already developed a differentiated system for the waste management of surgical masks at the office and assuring the provision through a Portuguese company, in order to encourage local and family economy and avoid the ecological footprint caused by the importation of such articles.

Environmental Management at the centre of the local strategy

Through the development of its programme under the name of Cooler Planet by BNP Paribas Portugal, with which it proposes, since 2018, to contribute to the commitment of Portugal on the carbon neutrality until 2050, several innovative solutions have been adopted to better manage the impacts of its People and Buildings, of the Products and Services offered to its Clients and on the production of positive Impacts on Society, namely through the offset of part of the CO2 locally produced.

For 2021, BNP Paribas is developing its own strategy of urban sustainable mobility, with the goal of finding solutions to reduce the impacts of its employees commuting as an answer to its local assumed commitments, namely the “Pact of Entrepreneurial Mobility for the City of Lisbon” and the “Commitment Climate Action 2030”.

About the ISO 14001:2015

The ISO 14001 is an international standard, recognised all over the world and, for that reason, it is important to value and give credibility to the actions and efforts of the Bank in this area. It represents a long-term commitment to the good environmental practices, subject to regular evaluations, conducted through audits, being an important tool to mitigate the indirect environmental aspects, influencing the adoption of good practices by other entities, namely suppliers and clients.


  • Plano de emergência contempla apoio direto a hospitais, populações vulneráveis e jovens
  • Em Portugal, o BNP Paribas irá doar um total de €450.000 ao Hospital Curry Cabral, ao Hospital Dona Estefânia e ao Hospital Pedro Hispano
  • O Grupo BNP Paribas já investiu €50 milhões no combate à COVID-19, a nível mundial


Lisboa, 13 de abril de 2020 – O BNP Paribas ativou, em conjunto com as suas subsidiárias em todo o mundo, um reforço do seu plano de emergência com vista ao apoio direto aos hospitais, centros de investigação médica e instituições de ajuda aos jovens e às camadas mais vulneráveis da sociedade que se encontram, neste momento, na linha da frente do combate ao surto de COVID-19. Este plano, que contemplava até ao momento um pacote de medidas de mais de €25 milhões, ascende agora a um total de €50 milhões, distribuídos por mais de 30 países em todo o mundo.

Em Portugal, o BNP Paribas decidiu doar um total de €450.000 a três hospitais de Lisboa e Grande Porto – o Hospital Dona Estefânia, o Hospital Pedro Hispano e o Hospital Curry Cabral –, numa lógica de apoio direto aos profissionais de saúde e ao reconhecimento da sua importância, esforço e dedicação na resposta à pandemia.

“Neste período difícil, é um enorme orgulho ver o BNP Paribas a tomar a iniciativa de apoiar os esforços de todos os profissionais do Sistema Nacional de Saúde; daqueles que estão a dedicar as suas vidas a combater a COVID-19. Espero que o donativo a estes hospitais, cujo papel tem sido crítico na luta contra a pandemia no país, possa ajudar a minimizar as dificuldades causadas pelo surto do novo coronavírus na nossa sociedade,” refere Fabrice Segui, CEO do BNP Paribas em Portugal.

“A generosa e corajosa dedicação das equipas médicas, de enfermagem e de apoio à atividade hospitalar, muito dificilmente poderá ser paga numa proporção justa, mas isso não significa que não possamos mostrar o nosso apreço pelo seu contributo inestimável, encorajando-os assim a continuar o excelente trabalho que têm feito,” conclui.


Um plano global de apoio e resposta à COVID-19

As ações junto das comunidades são a prioridade deste plano de emergência global – especialmente quando implementadas no terreno, com vista ao apoio direto aos profissionais de saúde, ONGs e instituições de serviço social que lutam dia após dia para encontrar as melhores soluções para enfrentar a crise de saúde pública que atualmente vivemos.

Através da sua forte presença local, as equipas do BNP Paribas já prestaram apoio financeiro em diversas frentes, nomeadamente através de doações a ONGs na Europa, na Ásia e em África, a diversos fundos de solidariedade, bem como a projetos de investigação médica, através do Instituto Pasteur, em França. Foram também doadas mais de 3 milhões de máscaras em toda a Europa.

Com o propósito de apoiar os hospitais e as populações mais vulneráveis em 30 países, este plano está a ser implementado com base nas necessidades identificadas pelas diferentes equipas das várias localizações em que o banco opera, garantindo assim uma resposta mais eficaz às necessidades específicas de cada país.


Sobre o BNP Paribas no contexto da Covid-19

Enquanto operadores numa atividade essencial para o funcionamento das economias dos países, o BNP Paribas e os seus diversos escritórios em todo o mundo têm estado totalmente mobilizados para lidar com esta crise de saúde pública desde o início do surto. Foi criada uma ação específica em cada país para dar prioridade ao teletrabalho e garantir as melhores condições de higiene dos colaboradores cuja atividade não possa ser realizada remotamente.

O apoio do Grupo aos países afetados por esta crise é expresso principalmente ao nível da garantia da continuidade das empresas em todo o mundo, a fim de assegurar a continuidade dos fluxos financeiros e dos pagamentos, de apoiar os clientes empresariais e privados a ultrapassar este período difícil, bem como de implementar todas as medidas imposta pelos Estados para apoiar a economia.

Para além do apoio essencial dado à economia pela ação local dos seus colaboradores, está o impacto do Grupo como empregador e contribuinte (5,9 bilhões de euros em impostos e taxas pagos em 2019).


Sobre o BNP Paribas Portugal

Presente em Portugal desde 1985, o BNP Paribas conta com mais de 6.000 colaboradores, nas várias entidades do Grupo estabelecidas no nosso país, disponibilizando a gama completa de soluções para clientes, no exercício das suas atividades. Está também presente em Portugal através de centros de competências que prestam serviços de valor acrescentado para vários países onde o Grupo BNP Paribas está presente.