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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace are central to our Social Responsibility values, and our ambition is to ensure every individual feels welcome, safe and respected, and has equal opportunities for career advancement. Having a diversified workforce is a driver of openness, innovation and creativity. We have established internal policies to combat discrimination and we encourage our employees to create networks around the topics they feel closer to, in order to raise awareness and promote discussion and healthy debates.

In Portugal, there currently are three active employee networks:

Pride, with the ambition to assist in creating a supportive working environment, where the LGBTI+ staff feels safe, respected and valued by all, through visibility, education, advocacy and support of the LGBTI+ community.

MixCity, which promotes a mixed organisation at all levels, where everyone has the opportunity to feel well integrated.

All Abroad, which aims at making all employees at BNP Paribas Portugal feel at ease in a diverse and multicultural workplace, by creating a safe space for fellow internationals and knowledgeable locals to network, socialize, make friends, exchange both professional and personal tips, and promote a cosmopolitan workplace.

All networks are sponsored by senior managers and have a seat in the local Diversity Council.

In 2019, APPDI (Portuguese Association for Diversity and Inclusion) awarded BNP Paribas Portugal a Diversity Seal for the work carried out in promoting these networks and our annual Diversity Week.

BNP Paribas Portugal also struggles to be a solid and responsible leader committed to people development in a positive and open environment. It is deeply committed to being a good place to work that manages employment responsibly.

More specifically, BNP Paribas Portugal fosters an open and inclusive work environment, and promotes new ways of working, based on positive management, collaboration and ethics. As a responsible employer, it strives to develop our people through career opportunities such as internal mobility or talent management.

As part of our social responsibility, we have signed several agreements and conventions in favour of diversity and equal opportunity in business. You can learn more about them here.


At BNP Paribas, we are aware of the importance of offering our employees a rewarding workplace experience. As a responsible, socially committed employer, we deeply encourage that our employees use their working time to contribute to the efforts of organisations seeking to build a more inclusive, environmentally aware world.



Recently, the Group has undertaken to allocate 1 million paid volunteer hours across its entire workforce by 2020.

The objective is for Group employees to dedicate some of their working time to help contribute for a better future, with a special focus on the social and environmental spheres.

In Portugal, this means encouraging our volunteers to contribute with a number of paid hours of volunteering to reach the ambitious goal.

BNP Paribas Portugal has been committed to volunteering activities for many years now. Our employees have taken part in many volunteering initiatives such as our Academia dos Champs programme and Yes We plant, an annual initiative to help reforest the burnt areas of the Leiria pine forest.

– Yes We Plant