BNP Paribas in Portugal The Economy

Financing the economy in an ethical manner
• Investments and financing with a positive impact
• Ethics of the highest standard
• Systematic integration and management of environmental, social and governance risks

BNP Paribas strives to conduct its businesses in an ethical and responsible way as a major provider of financial products and services. It supports the transition to a more sustainable model.

There has been a marked increase in the discussion on climate change and sustainability, both in society at large and in the financial sector. We see an incredible interest from our clients across the world for sustainable financing and responsible investment tools. From institutionals, whose clients do not want to sacrifice their environmental values for the sake of capital gains, to corporates looking to finance their sustainability projects, BNP Paribas has accompanied clients every step of the way to meet their sustainable financing or investing needs.

How can BNP Paribas do this? By financing renewable energy, energy efficiency and social innovation, or by helping clients decide how their savings and investments can generate a positive impact

BNP Paribas develops products and services that contribute to a greener, more sustainable economy while abiding by the Group’s risk and profitability criteria. These products generate positive environmental, economic and social impacts and as such contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ SDGs. At end-2018, total financing provided by BNP Paribas to promote the energy transition and the SDGs amounted to €168 billion (compared to €155 billion in 2017).

Moreover, the Group has set a goal of making its financial products accessible to as many people as possible in order to promote economic development. One step it has taken is to commit to bolstering its support of microfinance in order to enable at least 350,000 beneficiaries to get micro loans. In 2018, €1,6 billion in loans was granted to social enterprise, including microfinance.

BNP Paribas firmly believes that any company must have a positive impact on the wider world, support its clients in this approach and unify energies around this goal.