BNP Paribas in Portugal Cinema

BNP Paribas’ relationship with Cinema

BNP Paribas and the film industry are connected by a shared set of values including creativity, imagination and innovation. For many years, the BNP Paribas Group has supported and promoted this art, both in France and around the world.

In Portugal, BNP Paribas has been a robust partner of the Festa do Cinema Francês (French Film Festival), an aficionado favourite and an unmissable event in Lisbon.

Mobile Film Festival Portugal

In 2018, BNP Paribas Portugal decided to take a step further and envisioned the creation of the Mobile Film Festival Portugal, shaped after the French version.

The contest-like festival asked participants to submit a one-minute video shot with their mobile phones.

It aims to support, promote and aid a new generation of directors who will become tomorrow’s talent, by relying on innovative means that reflect current practices.

The first Portuguese edition received around 80 submissions by promising aspiring filmmakers.

André Wiborg was awarded the 2018 edition’s Grand Prize with Leando, a short-film about a carnivorous plant. See the complete list of the 1st Edition winners below:






BNP Paribas: Supporting cinema in all its forms

BNP Paribas’ commitment to the seventh art is backed by the Group’s long history with the film industry. For more than 20 years, the Group has encouraged and participated in a wide range of initiatives benefiting the film industry in many countries. It supports art house, fantasy and crime films, as well as backing film restoration projects, design, young filmmakers and production.

Through this partnership, the bank presents an image of a bank that is close to its customers, their values and their goals, whether these customers are creative artists, industry professionals or film enthusiasts.

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