Economic Responsibility - BNP Paribas Portugal
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Financing the economy in an ethical manner
• Investments and financing with a positive impact
• Ethics of the highest standard
• Systematic integration and management of environmental, social and governance risks

BNP Paribas strives to conduct its businesses in an ethical and responsible way as a major provider of financial products and services. It supports the transition to a more sustainable model.

BNP Paribas’ role in financing the economy means it has an important responsibility at a time when the world is changing more quickly than ever. It is the bank’s responsibility to help its clients, whether individuals, entrepreneurs or large companies, realise their goals regarding their own positive social and environmental impacts. How can it do this? By financing renewable energy, energy efficiency and social innovation, or by helping clients decide how their savings and investments can generate a positive impact. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals constitute a valuable framework that can help BNP Paribas’ direct its resources to projects that are the most sustainable.

The demand for sustainable finance is driven by its clients and leads BNP Paribas to create new solutions. For example, it now offers large companies ‘sustainability-linked loans’, the principle of which is both innovative and simple: The closer a company gets to achieving its CSR-performance objectives, the more favourable its loan terms are. BNP Paribas is convinced that the most socially and environmentally responsible companies will also be the most long-lasting ones, and it is its duty to support their ambition.

BNP Paribas firmly believes that any company must have a positive impact on the wider world, support its clients in this approach and unify energies around this goal.